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Puri Jagannath is in the lead role of Surya Dev, Arun Kumar, Deepak Shetty, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde, Getup Shrine and Tulsi in the film, with the participation of Puri and Charmi Kaur under Touring Talkies and Puri Contacts. Mani made music for the film, while Raj Tuya ran the camera.

iSmart Shankar Telugu movie online

In the form of Ram Putin, questions have been raised in the last two films and she is ready to change herself with her next film, ISMart Shankar. Ismart Shankar creates a movie clip which is currently being posted on the social network.

Movie name:- iSmart Shankar Telugu movie online

iSmart Shankar Telugu movie online
iSmart Shankar Telugu movie online
Initial release19 July 2019 (USA)
DirectorPuri Jagannadh
Music directorMani Sharma
ProducersPuri Jagannadh, Charmy Kaur 


Description – After a two-minute trailer, Ram Pottini surrendered completely to Shankar iSmart character. She has reached the quote of Telangana and her body language is very influential like noise and crazy boy. In the section, a piece is inserted in the top of Photini Ram, which explains the behavior of his noise.

Ten days after the first Shankar II SMART trailer, Telugu filmmakers released the second trailer. From the next movie, you expect to know about a clip of 1 minute and 36 seconds.

In the Ram R. Botinini, Nidhi Agudiwal, and Nabha Nitish’s leading roles, the preview of the next film seems interesting and promising. In less than 19 hours of release, it has been seen on YouTube more than 2 million times.

Nabha Natech went to the microblogging platform and shared the video with “Usadarat Shankar” in the link “Entertainment Mode … Reloaded”.

In the same trailer director, Ram Gopal Verma said, “WOWpurijagan has made a comeback in the best of his Massa Masa with brand dialogues in his iSmartShankarTrailer2Ramsayz.”

The film, released on July 18, 2019, has been directed by Berry Jagannad, who co-financed the film with Charmi Core.

iSmart Shankar Latest Telugu movie online

In addition to the film, Ram Botany has recently released news headlines after imposing a fine for smoking in public places. In a report, ACP Charminar B Anjaiah was quoted last month saying: “During the shooting of the film, the actor was drinking cigarettes.” We filed a case against them under Article 4 of the COTPA Act 2003 and we imposed a fine of 200 rupees. The representative paid the penalty. ”

Directed by Puri Jagannath, the film also warned Nisha and Nidhi Agrawal as two main champions. There are many scenes of life with both actresses and we have to wait to see if they have a big role in the film or not.

Produced by Puri Jagannath and Carmi Corps, Satya Dev, Bonita Aasar, Deepak Shetty, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Shindi Siyagi are playing in supporting roles. The film’s technical team includes director Raj Tuta, music director Mani Sharma and editor-in-chief Junaid Siddiqui.

iSmart Shankar Telugu movie Watch online

It seems that trailer is an ideal business artist with the right dose of comedy, block, movement, and romance. In just one hour, the trailer recorded more than once on YouTube with 43KB “Like” and 2.9KB on YouTube I do not like.

Now everyone’s eyes are on the side of the new cast of Iismart Shankar, Ram Putty, who will be in a very spectacular manner on July 18, 2019. The film completed the control procedures and received “A” certificate from the Regional Control Council. The censor board said that Ram Putin, Napa Nisha, Nidhi Agurul Starrer and Smart Shankar were violent and criminal and considered the film suitable only for adults.

iSmart Shankar Telugu movie online hd

Sources say that iSmart Shankar is full of huge dialogues, crimes, and high-performance procedures, so Sargent has been given a certificate. The film is jointly organized by Puri Jagannath and Cherie Corps under the banner of Puri Jagannath Turing Tokaze and Puri Connect, Zory Jaganad manages the film. The film revolves around a hero, with a portable SIM card in his head. The expectations in this movie are very high. Both Ram Pothini and Puri Jagannath have great hopes in this upcoming film.

Movie name:- Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene Telugu movie online

Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene Telugu movie online
Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene Telugu movie online
Initial release: 12 July 2019 (USA)
Director: Caarthick Raju
Music by: S. Thaman
Written by: Caarthick Raju
Languages: Telugu language, Tamil

Description:-The story is based on a strange: what if you look at the mirror and you are soon enough to see someone else? These simple thoughts may seem like setting up a two-screen and perhaps other fears with some comedy releases. We have seen a lot of them in recent years.

Kartik Raju, the director who writes this story describes something new in the scary area. A little bit of thinking talks about a couple new deep in love, and some other small people .

The story comes from the attitude of a psychiatrist (Murali Sharma adds credibility on one side, as well as a person can try it when he talks about supernatural events and can be used as an academic scientist).

Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene Telugu movie online

Hero Sudip Kishan has become the creator of eNep Niyu Vedani Nidanu Nene. The video attacks on Friday on Friday and is open to the rivalry between the oppressed and the public. It is part of the box office.

Sudip Kishan received the award for his recent views, complaints and violent film Nineu Vedani Nidanu Nene, which started on 12th July and received a reply from all sides. Now the film is fast in the office and is trying to be honest. Hindi remake policy of Ninu Veedani Needanu sold to Bollywood producers RJ and DK . Which makes Comedy Horror Stree, starring Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor.


Currently, the creators of Stree, Raj, and DK have made laws on the Hindi remake of Star Remake of Sunderip Kishan, Nineu Vedani Nadanu Nene. We have to wait and see who will behave in the words of Haleem.

Duo RJ and DK have known about their music and style and their humorous experiences. His publication is Blockbuster, Stree. He has written and taught great hits like Noise, 99, Goa Gone, Happy Ending and A Person in the City.

Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene Latest Telugu movie online

Hero girl Sudip Kishan made his way through the competition debate. The actor recently made his debut in the box office at the design of Nineu Vedani Nidanu Nene.

The show was one of us, but it opened for revision. The videos were interesting, but the director did not work well.

Some criticisms are good and many Internet users, especially Twitter, have given a great picture of the film, but the network is completely irresponsible to hear about gossip communication. The music is extremely creative and it makes fun for people to enjoy.

Businessmen hope that the film will end with a shock in the second part of the company’s work.

After the first day of the week. We heard that all suppliers were re-investing in their investment and in a safe area. Money is also good, which means that the hero Sudip Kishan was very good with his first adventure.

With better interaction, the list will not be related to the next release and Sundeep Kishan will be a good person.

Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene  Telugu movie  Watch online

The film started in 2035 when scientists studied mental illnesses (Malvika Nair and CEO of Kartik Naren). It is time for the hologram to change face-to-face chat and fast clips to get through the next jump of innovation. These are small fragments which cause negative emotions but do not interfere in the true story of 2013.

We see that during working in a fight, after a Riya (Ananya Singh) girlfriend, Rishi (Sudeep Kishan) harassed many critics and encouraged him to participate. This is a problem which is characteristic of the leader of the market: a bitter nature that is his own friend, and he wants to annoy him. She declares that she is the best thing to do with her. Hold on to it The story should be after the sequel.

Dorasani Telugu movie online
Dorasani Telugu movie online
Movie Name:- Dorasani Telugu movie online
Initial release: 12 July 2019 (USA)
Director:K.V.R. Mahendra
Producer: Yash Ranginen

Description:-Bind Anand Mandda and actor Rajesh Sharmmaka, Bandhan Anand joined Daughter, who joined the cinema on 12 July. There are mix views about the films made by KVR Mahindra as well as the viewers and critics.

Arjun Rady was very pleasant about the actor before the film. When he spoke about his brother, he made a video on tears and social media.

Dorasani Telugu movie online

Vijaykadaa showed that she had seen the film and all the teaching staff appreciates her unmatched work. In the film, Anand played a role in a painter named Rana, and Shiftika Shawiya Durhani (daughter of the era).

The story of love one move the stars fighting with all the obstacle.  New stories and families and not all communities get allow to pass at the same time to catch a hand. This is done in Andhra Pradesh. Which gives a different background. The owners distribute on everything, including life, where Nixal Vad would use police “steps in the wrong direction”. To do ”

With an important role in Anand Wallarokha and Chefatima.  This film shows the worst picture of people in such a world where the social level is very strong. Come, shows a lover, who stands outside the rainbow, the attention of the old world, the pre-social love. Go into real movies and original sequence.

Dorasani Latest Telugu movie online

There is no sign of the cultivation of all species because women of these communities those who live their lives openly some support the caste system.

However, despite strong backgrounds and legends, Dursani placed a strong emphasis on him, but instead of a practical and social explanation, it was a great effort to achieve goals.

Dorasani  Telugu movie Watch online

VVR Mahendra, who is behind the film, seems to have to face conflicts between social injustice and love. Beautifully enough, the film does not support describing a strong idea. Which is different from physical violence.

Which is perfect for this kind of exception. All scenes relate to body cruelty, not necessarily compulsory, but they certainly take the truth. They do not produce many characters. There are very good lines with noteworthy actors, and while it is against the camera, it seems that it is comfortable, can not say about happiness.